We've all gone crazy lately...lately?

some random ramblings

Saturday, February 21, 2004

Sorry, I haven't been on recently. I'm getting my shit in order. I'm tired of my apartment looking like an f-5 tornado hit it. One of the few MAJOR things I have left is cleaning out my fridge. I'm afraid to open the door - something my try to attack me. I'm sure there are new life forms in there. That will have to wait another day though. I have a stomach virus and have no desire to deal with the smell of my fridge. My poor neighbor will think he lives next door to a serial killer who is keeping body parts in the fridge - eat your heart out Jeffrey Dahmer - no pun intended. (plus, Dahmer's dead) Cleaning out my fridge is a good sign though, it means I'm feeling better. Hopefully, this dark cloud of depression will finally get the fuck out of here. All I can say to it is "Good riddance and don't let the door hit ya where the Lord and Lady split ya!" Another bit of good news - I'm going to see Melissa Etheridge on March 23rd at the Electric Factory in Philly! YAY!! My 2nd Melissa concert, plus another chance to pick up chicks ;) I also, got my meds straightened out. I had to deal with the runaround with my insurance company, psychiatrist's office and pharmacy to get a new auth. for my Wellbutrin. I finally got it and went for the generic drug which is a lot cheaper. Dear Gods, the money drug companies charge just for a name on a med. It's crazy! It's so not fair. I see the shit a lot of our clients put up with and they don't deserve it. OK. I'm off to take some aspirin for my aching back - that time of month coming up. (I know, I know - TMI) TTFN.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Oh gosh - it's been a while since I last wrote. I've been stressed out lately. Work fucking sucks! I'm frustrated by all the bullshit I see day in and day out. I'm tired of fixing other people's mistakes, which makes my job even harder. I, then, get bitched at because I'm late in entering stuff. Well, guess what - I had to hold up entering services for a month so new billing codes could be entered into our database. So, now that I'm allowed to enter services again, I was told to have the whole month of January entered in 3 days! On Tuesday, I'll enter stuff for 1/31 then I'll be done with January - except for a few things I'm waiting on to be corrected or told what to do with them. (Long story about vouchers with different doctors' names on them than who actually saw the client - I think that might be considered fraud.) I'll be in Canada if anyone needs me - at least I can legally marry up there..of course, having a partner would help. Anyway, I've been looking on Monster.com for a new job and saw a few I might be interested in. I'm going to work on Bullshitting 101..I mean my resume and send it out. The stress is affecting my emotions big time. I hold everything in until I just explode. I act out in different ways - anger, jealousy, ranting and cursing, basically act like a total cunt. Needless to say, I gotta find an outlet for my emotions and soon. I don't need the pressure or ulcer that stress causes. Plus, my friends and family would like to see me vent in more constructive ways. My finances are slowly getting back on track, with help from my parents - Gods bless them. Well, it's almost 1 am here so I better scoot off to bed. Lata gatas. Jai Guru Dev. Peace.