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Thursday, November 11, 2004

OK, next time I get an infection and it isn't that bad - leave it alone. I was put on Bactrim at the hospital because I had contracted a small urinary tract infection. It was due to having a cathetor (sp?) in during the first night there. I finished taking it this past Sunday and on Tuesday, had a rash all over my body. And yes - it itched like hell! I made an emergency appointment with my doctor for that evening. Mom picked me up a little early so I could go get my new Elton CD "Peachtree Road" - it's awesome! Anyway, I saw my doctor and she immediately knew what it was from. (the rash, not the CD. I bought that at Circuit City) She gave me sameples of Zyrtec, which is an anti-histamine. And a six day script for Prednisone. Yes, the same steroid that is given to asthmatics and people with MS. (Kelly takes it, when needed) BTW - if you ever have to take the stuff? Take it with food - it tastes fucking horrible! The pills stop the itching though. Now, if I could only take a pill to get rid of all the assholes in the world. Of course, the people on DL.com who think they are so fucking cool so they ignore me. It's not so much being ignored, it's just that attitude that goes with it. I said my apologies for the shit I did while drunk, but there's nothing I can do now. I'm not going to race up to Step 5 and immediately make ammends with them. And, don't get me started with some assholes on Pianoworld. (Specifically the 'Coffee Room' - I love pianos, not politics. Gods only know why I go to the CR so fucking much.) Oh well, that will have to wait. It's 12:30am and I gotta go to bed. Good Night. TTFN. Peace.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Holy shit! It has been forever since I've last posted. So much has happened. I'm in the partial program at Penn Foundation now. I've been going since October 20th. What brought that on, you might ask? Well, I kinda relapsed 3 times in five days. The final time I was sitting in my car in the Expect A Miracle clubhouse parking lot drinking a bottle of wine. Don't worry - I didn't drive home. I called my parents and they came and got me. A couple days later, I was in my therapist's office and we decided I would do better with more intensive treatment so I was authorized for partial. I am off work through the Family Leave Act. At first, I was only going to go for 5 days, but they were able to get more units authorized by my insurance company. HMO's are a fucking pain! Getting authed is like pulling teeth.

OK. So far, so good. Things were going well at partial and at home. This past Thursday evening, I laid down for a nap. Next thing I know, my mom is trying to get me up, I'm unable to move or speak. Then I hear her on the phone with someone and then the paramedic were here. They would ask me simple questions like what the date was, what year it was and I couldn't answer. I remember being put on the gurny and the ride to the hospital. I remember being wheeled into the ER then next thing I know, I'm in a hospital room. I am told that I had 3 grand mal seizures. I was in the hospital until Sunday afternoon. While I was there, I was the human guinea pig. I had a CAT scan, MRI, X-rays, blood work, urine tests - everything came back fine except I have a small infection. (Probably from the catheter I had in) I was taken off the Wellebutrin because mixing it with alcohol causes seizures. Even though, I had been sober for 2 weeks that's all that it could be. I did have petit mal seizures as an infant though. I had my Effexor and Neurontin upped. I'm feeling better. Things like that give you a new perspective on things - and life in general. This morning, my dad and I went for a walk. Something we hadn't done before. Well, enough rambling on. TTFN. Peace.