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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I think I'll just give up on trying to get my say in discussions, especially on TNCR. It's like whatever I say gets ignored, except if I act like a total cunt. I say outragious shit so people will actually acknowledge me. I never mean what I say. It's just a plea for attention. I do the same thing when I play WoW. i get frustrated when I get ganked while trying to complete a quest. Yeah, I know it comes with the territory on pvp realms. I just want to get lvled up so I can join my friends in Kara and Gruul runs. I see the lvl 70's doing all this cool shit and I'm lvl 47 and want to get there so badly. The guild on Arthas is more involved than the one my 70 belf pally is in. A friend from TNCR is in the guild on Arthas. He's pretty cool. I think he knows I'm getting frustrated on TNCR and WoW. I'm PMSing, which doesn't help things at all.

I need to work on stress and anger management. I get stressed here at work. I was glad when we got to Philly on Thursday. We went to Eastern State Penitentiary (arrived too late for the tour, but hung out in the gift shop and museum area), and had box seats for the Flyers game. (Flyers beat Tampa Bay 3-2. W00T!) The weather was great and it was good to see our friend who lives down in Center City. I was sore for the next few days from all the walking we did. I'm gonna ask for off on the 26th to go down to Philly again. I hope my stress and anger levels go down or I'll want to stay with the ghosts at ESP. I'm at work so I'll try to write more later. TTFN. Peace.


  • At 4:04 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Lady Elton, you may not get your say in too often because it's hard to be heard over some big noises, but you do drop a good phrase in the conversation. I thought you were in top form for April Fools' Day.

    Big Al


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