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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

WOW! It's been ages since I last posted. Life is going alright. My grandmother passed away early June 23, a little after midnight. The previous day was my one year sobriety anniversary. Perhaps my Higher Power waited until the 23rd to take her, so as not to spoil my anniversary. It's amazing that I didn't think of drinking during that time. I immediately called Sue and told her and her girlfriend. We all agree that Nana is in a much better place now.

The summer seemed to fly by so quickly. I went to a couple of AA picnics. Sue and I went to Dorney Park and had fun. It was mobbed and very hot. I think we waited in line close to an hour to ride the roller coaster Talon. I have video of us on the ride. I also have pics of us on Hydra The Revenge and Steel Force. I look like such a dork. I think one of the camera on Hydra was right as you came out of the loop or corkscrew. I got sunburned and my feet were killing me, but I had fun. We went to the shore on Labor Day weekend. Our friend, Bobby Anne, family has a house in Sea Side Park, NJ. The house is next to the bay, which is a park, and is a couple blocks from the beach. The house is beautiful! The views from the balconies was amazing. I took a ton of pictures. I tried my hand at boogie-boarding and realized it's not for me. We had a smaller area of beach to swim in because of rip currents. The water was warm and felt great. I got run into by kids on boogie-boards, but still had fun. I swear I got sand in places I never knew I had places. Oy! I got sunburned big time. I also shot video of Sue on a type of bungee swing and Bobby Ann's kids on the Tower of Fear when we went to the boardwalk. I will try to post pics soon. We left on Monday to come home so I couldn't go to a local flea market with my brother and his fiance.

Other than that, things have been about the same. I'm still staying up late playing WoW. I'm lvl 64 now. Gods only know how I'll afford my flying mount. My epic riding mount took a while to get and I had to purchase gold off the web, which I don't enjoy having to do. Our dog, Bojangles, had emergency surgery last week to remove a bladder stone that got stuck in his urithrea (sp?). They put a catheter in to try and flush it out, then couldn't get it out so they rushed him into surgery. They removed the stone and fixed his urithrea so he'll basically pee like a girl. He's feeling better. Pretty soon he'll be back to his old self again and getting his ass kicked by the cat. TTFN. Peace.


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