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Thursday, March 29, 2007

I added a few more links. I put The New Coffee Room back on. I removed it after I got pissed off at someone on there. I have to remember we're all entitled to our views, even if we think someone is acting like an asshole. Not like I've always been the nicest person on Earth. I wasn't called a "manipulative cunt" once in David's chatroom for nothing. Of course, I was drinking pretty heavily then and the person who called me it was right at the time. She has since apologized, but I don't hold any grudges against her either way.

It is a beautiful spring day here. Sunny, a bit of a breeze and temps in the 60's F. I am in a good mood. Maybe it's the weather, too much sugar, not enough sleep, because I'm in love or a combination of all of them. I went to the glbt AA meeting last night. The guy I'm crazy about was there. It was a good meeting. He is going to help our friend who just moved with some cleaning. I might go see if he needs any help. Her house wasn't the cleanest place in the world. His sponsor, who is also a friend from the meeting, flew to visit family in Georgia. I hope he has a fun, safe trip. He is a sweetheart. He is very open about who he is and his HIV status. I admire his courage. I wish I could be so brave. TTFN. Peace.


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