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Sunday, February 11, 2007

I was driving to Wal-Mart on Feb. 4 and snapped some pics of the sunset while driving. And to think it is bad enough when I talk on my cell phone while driving. I tweaked and cropped it because of its size and because I was looking out my dirty windshield. Damn road salt. We're supposed to get a snowstorm on Tuesday. It's nice having at least one good snowfall a year. I like having a day off. Of course, I'll end up playing World of Warcraft all day. I gotta level up my blood elf paladin. I'm such a geek. My grandmother was in the hospital last week due to having the stomach flu. She was a bit dehydrated. Her electrolytes were all wonky, which affected her kidney function. She was also put on meds for her moods. If I ever get bad dementia just call Dr. Kevorkian and put me out of my misery. She is in a nursing home for a week or so to get her walking again. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers, as well as a friend from AA who is in the same hospital. She had a spot on her lung and they biopsied it. I dunno the outcome of the tests. My thoughts and prayers also go out to the family and friends of Anna Nicole Smith. She has been through a lot of shit in recent months. Good and bad - her daughter was born and her son died. She is now reunited with Daniel on the other side. Ok, it's 4 am here so I'm off to bed. TTFN. Peace.


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