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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

It's a cloudy, dreary day today. I'm at work, listening to Elton as usual. I haven't posted in over a week since my class started last Tuesday. It is called Database Concepts. So far, so good. I'm feeling ok. I'm tired. My "friend" is due. This weekend my parents are going away, which means Sue and I will be looking after my grandmother. It should be interesting. Her dementia is getting worse. She and Dad had a bit of a dust up this past weekend. He took her to a doctor's appointment on Friday. He mentioned to the doctor that he thought she might have some anxiety and asked if there was anything she could prescribe. The doctor said yes. However, my grandmother got upset and refused. She was in a shitty mood the next couple of days. She said Dad tried to make the doctor think she was crazy. She said some nasty things about Dad like the wrong son died. My dad's brother died back in 1997. When Dad got home that night they had a big arguement. I heard it and think it was just Dad getting upset. You can only take so much before you snap.

I went to the Up the Creek meeting Saturday night. I went over to Caroline's early so I could get away from my grandmother. She has calmed down since then. I just hope things go well this weekend or I will be the one popping Darvocets. I have off on Friday and Sue will be working with Michelle that day. I will just concentrate on my schoolwork. I will have to take things as they come. Ok, i better get some actual work done. TTFN. Peace.


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