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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sue and I saw Elton last night in Atlantic City. Edie had to back out because she wasn't feeling well. Sue drove my car. We had a hell of a time finding a parking spot in the garage at Caesar's. We walked on the beach and found a bunch of seashells. There was a storm offshore and we found a bunch of conch shells. We then walked along the boardwalk. I had to pick up my ticket at about 6:30 or 7pm so we went to the box office. Sue decided to plop down $175 and got a ticket. My seat was in the center section 12 rows from the stage. Sue's seat was further back on the floor. I had 2 disposible cameras and used one and most of the 2nd one. Sue took a lot of pics as well.

Elton and the band rocked! They blew the roof off the dump. Elton looks and sounds amazing. The only issues I had was 2 drunk chicks in the row I was in. Also, security only let the first 3 rows up to the stage. I don't fault them for doing their job. For the most part, they were pretty cool. I had a great time nontheless. A couple asked me to take their picture. The boyfriend proposed to his girlfriend and she said yes. I got her addresses and I will send her a copy of the picture. I'm going to get the pics developed tomorrow. I hope they all come out. Sue had fun. It was her first Elton concert. We got back at about 2:30 am. There was a bad accident on I-76 so we had to use a different route. Sue was lost at first, but found her way to Germantown Ave. and knew how to get home from there. She kept her cool throughout so I gotta hand it to her. Ever since my relapse back in June, she has kept close tabs on me. I am about 14 weeks sober. It hasn't been easy. My moods have been wacky and my period skipped a month. I'm still a bit moody, but am feeling better. I am getting ready to go to the Sunday night candlelight meeting. I'm watching Meerkat Manor on Animal Planet. They are so adorable and very tenacious. Ok, I am off to the meeting. TTFN. Peace.


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