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Thursday, February 09, 2006

I'm sitting here at work. My holidays were alright, except I relapsed on December 29. I kinda knew something was wrong, but didn't tell anyone. I had thoughts of looking for alcohol in some places in my house. I went down to the basement, saying I was looking for the kites to show to Sue, but was really looking for booze. Well, I found some. Dad must have forgotten that he put the Smirnoff Ice from my apartment down there. I drank two and a half bottles. (I would have had more if they were cold.) I then called Sue, my sponsor. She said, "You were supposed to call before you pick up." She's right, of course. Even to this day, I fight a daily battle with this obsession. I still have thoughts of denial.

I'm doing alright otherwise. I got a B+ in my last class. I just started a programming class. Callie is getting big and is still a holy terror. I swear she needs Ritalin. I've been going to a lot of meetings with Sue. We also went to a sober dance on New Year's Eve. She made sure I got my ass out on the dance floor. It was fun. She's been driving me to and from meetings for the last six months. However, I got my license back a week ago and can now drive myself. The whole deal with my license almost got fucked up. My neurologist accidentally put 10/29/05 as the date of my one seizure when it was supposed to say 10/29/04. My last seizure was on August 1 at the hospital. He fixed it and sent the correction to the state. We played phone tag with the state and had to re-fax things to them because they said they didn't receive them. (It's more like they're too fucking lazy to look for them!) Oh well, it's all straightened out now. Gods, I really missed driving! (I didn't miss the asshole drivers or the high gas prices. Poor Dad was stuck paying for gas when prices skyrocketed after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.) Ok, like I said, I'm at work so I best be going and actually doing some work. TTFN. Peace.


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