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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The past few weeks have been a bit busy and stressful. My kitty, Max, passed away on May 9th. It hit me pretty hard. I told my dad that we should have him euthanized and he was going to be on the 10th, but died at home on Monday. He hadn't been eating for over a week and was just skin and bones. It hurts, but I am glad he is no longer suffering. We gave him a good life surrounded by love. I bet he and Sparky are having a blast playing with each other again on the other side.

I went with my parents to Assateague. We took our dog, Bojangles, with us. Our friends and former neighbors Dawn and Randy stayed with us. They bought their dog, Pongo. We all slept in the trailer/camper. Our site was next to a boardwalk ramp up to the beach. The weather was chilly and windy at times, but we had a decent day or two. I snapped pics of the sunny coming up over the ocean, some of the wild ponies that live on the island and some more wildlife on a nature trail that Dawn and I walked on. (Boy, that's what I call a run-on!) I got one roll developed and they turned out ok. Some light leaked into the camera when I was loading the film. I was having a problem closing it. I might take my camera to a local camera shop to have them check it out. I had a nice time and am glad I went.

I finished my Critical Thinking class right before we left for vacation. I got a B- so I'm happy. I am officially off academic probation, which I was put on after I had to withdraw from a class back in November. I was able to keep my GPA above 2.0. My GPA is currently 2.41 which is about a C+. I don't know when my next class starts. Hopefully, I'll find out soon. OK, I'm tired so I'm going to take my anti-biotics and get to bed early tonight. I have a lovely sinus infection. Fun. TTFN. Peace.


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