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Monday, February 21, 2005

Oh gosh, quite a bit has happened since I last posted. Where to begin..let's see, I got an A- in my last class, I spoke at an AA meeting and a friend from work had a Jeep Cherokee crash into his apartment. That doesn't include going to the dentist and having 4 teeth drilled, nor the fact that work has become sick bay.

I finally got a payment schedule set up with the college. The financial advisor and I kept playing phone tag, but finally got to talk. I told her about an e-mail I got from my professor that said my name disappeared from the class roster. However, the advisor said that I got an A- so it must have gotten straightened out. It surprised the shit outta me. I never thought that I did that well. It's weird - I got a C- in my first class, which I took while I was still drinking; I withdrew from my second one because I was just coming out of the hospital and partial so it was just too much for me to deal with at the time, and now this class and getting an A-. It just shows what getting sober can do for you.

Last Tuesday was a very busy day. I went to the dentist that morning and had 4 teeth drilled. (my dentist really digs my iPod. I listened to it while having the work done) I got in to work - numb upper lip and all - at about noon. My boss mentioned trying to get a hold of the director of outpatient services for her to pick up, Al, one of the therapists at the hospital. I volunteered to go pick him up. The hospital is down the road from work so it only took me a few minutes to get down there to pick him up. He was still in the ER, sitting on a bed and talking to people from the Red Cross. I asked what happened. A Jeep Cherokee swerved off the road to avoid an accident, went across a field, down a hill, across a creek then airborn into Al's sliding glass doors. He said he saw it coming across the field and when it didn't stop at the creek, he ran (not bad for a 76 year old) around the corner and the concussion from the impact knocked him down. He suffered a broken right ankle and cuts from broken glass. He was also diagnosed with walking pneumonia. Anyway, I picked him up at the hospital and we went back to his apartment to pick up a few things - clothes, medications, etc. We got a script filled for anti-biotics (for his pneumonia) at the local pharmacy. I then helped him check into a local Best Western hotel - the Red Cross put him up there for a few days as another apartment was being readied for him. He was very appreciative and felt bad for keeping me from work, but this was more important. I can easily work OT to catch up or just work my ass off. I've done it before. When he moved into another apartment, a friend and I went and helped him unpack and put stuff away. I hooked up his computer. He also has family coming into town to help out.

That night, I went to an AA meeting with my boss/friend. She had asked if I was willing to speak at a meeting. I didn't have to say yes, but I did. It was at the meeting where she got sober. (She has 20 years - an 'Old Timer') That day I had 120 days sober. I was a little nervous. It's a small group - about 7 of us total. My friend chaired the meeting and I was the speaker for the night. I basically told my story about my drinking, abusing Klonopin, getting sober. I made it through. They all said I did great for my first time speaking. I felt pretty good afterwards, and relieved. I've been feeling pretty good recently - with some spots here and there. I still get moody, especially during that time of month and when I'm overly tired. I do joke that I could get $100 for each month sober or $500 for a ticket to the EJAF ball on July 4th so I could meet Elton. *sigh* In my dreams. I'm definately going to the concert though. OK, it's almost midnight and I gotta head off to bed. So I'll write more soon. TTFN. Peace.


  • At 2:00 PM , Blogger Nathania said...

    I'm so glad to hear that sobriety is working so well for you, Hilary. It's the best gift you can give yourself. Take good care!

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