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Thursday, March 01, 2007

It's a dreary afternoon here. We have a flood watch tonight into tomorrow morning. They're calling for 2-3 inches of rain. Oh fun! I'm sitting at work, waiting to leave in about 15 minutes. I'm tired today. I could not seem to want to drag my ass out of bed this morning. I stopped at the philly soft Pretzel place and got 3 pretzels and a Pepsi. The caffeine couldn't even get my lazy ass in gear. That's pretty fucking sad. I'm doing ok. I'm now the GSR rep for the Saturday night glbt AA meeting I attend. I really like that meeting. It has a Wednesday night and a Saturday night meeting. There is one problem I have with the meeting, which is a rather weird one: I have a crush on one of the guys from the meeting. I'm such a fag hag. I seem to go for gay guys. First Elton, now this guy. (Although this guy kinda reminds me of Elton for some reason.) It's frustrating and good at the same time. Boy. There's one way to make sure I get to meetings: have me fall for someone from the meeting. Perhaps i've simply lost my mind. Not that I can lose something I never had. Something is going on with me. I just wish I understood what it was. I dunno whether to be happy or sad, cry or dance. I find myself thinknig about this guy a lot, which brings a smile to my face. I think of him, see him or talk to him at meetings and I feel all nervous inside - shaky, hands sweat, heart races, butterflies in my stomach, feel warm, blush. My mind keeps wandering. It's not safe while driving and thinking about this guy. The cops can nail me for a DWI: Driving While Infatuated. Ok, I'm out of here. I'm going to go visit my grandmother. She's back in the hospital after getting dehydrated. The stomach flu was going around at the nursing facility she has been at. If anyone is reading this, keep her in your thoughts and prayers please. (and please reassure me that I'm not totally crazy despite what I've been feeling recently.) TTFN. Peace.


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