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Monday, August 29, 2005

Holy shit! It has been so fucking long since I last posted. So much has happened. On July 31, I had a seizure and was rushed to the hospital. My parents said they heard me breathing funny and they tried to wake me up. However, they couldn't wake me. They slapped my hands, yelled in my ear then looked at my eye and they were rolled back into my head. My dad then said to call 9-1-1. All I remember is laying down for a nap then waking up on a gurney being put into the back of an abulance. I had no idea what was going on. The paramedics asked me simple questions but I couldn't really answer. They hooked me up to monitors to check my heart rate and my heart was racing. I wasn't nervous or anything. They checked my blood pressure, which was fine and started an IV. For the next couple days, I was the human guinea pig. I had so many tests - MRI, EEG, CT (which I don't remeber because I had another seizure. I woke up on Tuesday morning, yet the doc talked to me and stuff but I don't remeber anything.), blood tests, blood pressure, tempurature. My tests came back fine. I got out of the hospital Tuesday evening.

The doctors don't know what caused the seizures, but we think it might be due to caffeine and pseudoephedrine. I had been drinking large amounts of Coke the previous weeks. I was also taking Sudafed, Benadryl, Robitussin - anything with pseudoephedrine in it. The same stuff is made into meth. I think I became addicted or dependent on it. The seizure scared me off it. I could have had a heart attack. Both caffeine and pseudoephedrine are stimulants. i have severly cut back on the caffeine. I don't drink Coke anymore except for little bits to help get rid of headaches. I have sworn off those types of cold meds. Besides, it was a sinus infection - I was given anti-biotics as I got out of the hospital. I was also put on Dilantin, which is an anti-convulsant. I saw my neurologist a few days later and my Neurontin was upped to 'seizure dose' of 900 mg a day. I was also weaned off the Dilantin.

My neurologist told me of a 24 hour EEG. I would be hooked up for 24 hours to electrodes and a portable monitor. (I am 'taking' that test tonight.) I hope this all goes well. I could possibly lose my driver's license for 6 months. That fucking sucks! I hope not. Ok, I will write more tomorrow. I gotta get to bed. TTFN Peace.

PS - My thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by Hurricane Katrina