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Saturday, February 21, 2004

Sorry, I haven't been on recently. I'm getting my shit in order. I'm tired of my apartment looking like an f-5 tornado hit it. One of the few MAJOR things I have left is cleaning out my fridge. I'm afraid to open the door - something my try to attack me. I'm sure there are new life forms in there. That will have to wait another day though. I have a stomach virus and have no desire to deal with the smell of my fridge. My poor neighbor will think he lives next door to a serial killer who is keeping body parts in the fridge - eat your heart out Jeffrey Dahmer - no pun intended. (plus, Dahmer's dead) Cleaning out my fridge is a good sign though, it means I'm feeling better. Hopefully, this dark cloud of depression will finally get the fuck out of here. All I can say to it is "Good riddance and don't let the door hit ya where the Lord and Lady split ya!" Another bit of good news - I'm going to see Melissa Etheridge on March 23rd at the Electric Factory in Philly! YAY!! My 2nd Melissa concert, plus another chance to pick up chicks ;) I also, got my meds straightened out. I had to deal with the runaround with my insurance company, psychiatrist's office and pharmacy to get a new auth. for my Wellbutrin. I finally got it and went for the generic drug which is a lot cheaper. Dear Gods, the money drug companies charge just for a name on a med. It's crazy! It's so not fair. I see the shit a lot of our clients put up with and they don't deserve it. OK. I'm off to take some aspirin for my aching back - that time of month coming up. (I know, I know - TMI) TTFN.


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