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Sunday, January 18, 2004

Ok, time for not only a new job, but to move to a warmer climate. Work is a fucking chore. Corporate cocksucking pinheads are making things miserable. It's not even just not being allowed on the internet and no e-mail attachments, but just the whole 'feeling' is so negative. This is when being empathetic is a royal bitch. The negativity in the air is just killing me. I make one little mistake and you would think that I killed someone. These people should realize that you attract more ants with sugar than with vinegar. Maybe I'm just being sensitive because my period is late. (No, I'm not preggers - that'd be an immaculate conception. Boy that'd piss off the religious reich - immaculate birth from a lesbian pagan..*giggle*) My moods are going helter skelter from hormones and work. Plus, I have a lot on my mind. My finances are fucked up. I had 3 root canals last year between August and December. They completely wiped me out. The next time i need dental work, just gimme a pair of pliers and a bottle of Jack Daniels or Wild Turkey. I'll write more later. My dad is on his way to pick me up so I can go over to my parents' house to do laundry. Their cable modem access is down because of the winter storm. By the looks of it, Comcast is aware of it and hopefully will fix it soon. Anyway, TTFN. Oh, and E-A-G-L-E-S..GO EAGLES!!!!!!!


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