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Friday, January 09, 2004

Well, it's about damn time I started my own blog. Not that I have an interesting life - or any type of life for that matter. But, what the fuck - no time like the present to start.

Today was a boring day at work. Where is work, you ask? I am a data entry pinhead for a large mental health provider here in the mid-Atlantic area of the US of A. I enter service vouchers and various other shit that higher-ups ask me (or tell me) to do. The 'other shit' is usually something pretty menial like unjamming the copier, stamping mail, filing - thrilling, huh? Yeah, right. Right now, all my job does is make my carpal tunnel syndrome worse and chip away at what little sanity I have left. I doubt my psychiatrist minds though. Pretty soon, he'll be buying that vacation home in the Keys.

Right now, it is almost midnight and FREEZING. We have a lovely wind chill advisory. Currently - it is 5 F and the wind chill is about the same, although it was about -10 F earlier. Gods, I'm such a weather geek. Too much weather channel. I know about high pressure, low pressure, the Safir-Simpson scale, cold front, warm fronts..well you get the idea. Oh well, better schlep my ass to bed. Goodnight.


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