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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Tell me how does it work
How do you make things fit
Spent all my life trying to get it right
I've put it together and it falls apart
I thought to myself I might understand
But when the wall's built
And the heart hardens
You get a dark diamond

-- Sir EJ/BT '01

I swear Taupin had me in mind when he wrote those lyrics. I'm sitting here at little after midnight on Sunday 29 August. I'm tired, depressed and not feeling the greatest. There's this sinus infection type virus going around at work and I'm its latest victim. I'm going to rip my sinuses out and sell them on eBay! They are driving me absolutely fucking crazy. My nose runs faster than the athletes at the Olympics. I sneeze, cough, have a stuffed up head - my escutcheon tubes are blocked, which makes me dizzy. Ok, I'm more ditzy, but close enough.

I've been working on enrolling with University of Phoenix to take online classes. I could get a Bachelors of Science in Information Technology. I filled out and submitted a FAFSA application and am eligible for financial aide from the government. My biggest concerns are - will financial aide cover the full cost (3 credit courses are about $430 US each- eek!), can I afford to upgrade my computer (I want to overclock my processor, but don't know how - please tell me if anyone knows. PIII 933r - good old Dell), can I handle taking classes and working, and can my thumb make it? I'm debating on waiting until the winter to start classes and having the surgery on my thumb sooner. That way, my thumb will have time to heal and I can save up some money. Also, I'm starting D&A therapy. I don't need added pressure this early in my recovery. I do have some issues to bitch about, but they'll have to wait. It's after 12:40 am and I should get to bed. TTFN. Peace.


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