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Friday, April 02, 2004

Oh, gosh - it's been a while since I last wrote. Too much crazy shit has been going on. Work fucking sucks. I've been depressed and anxious and have been drinking heavily. I've been getting drunk almost every night for several weeks. I've done thing before a few times. I still do it no matter what. The other night, I acted like a total cunt in one of David's chatrooms -- Dave was in there too at the time. I feel terrible about it. However, I'm drunk right now so go figure. I've attended AA meetings, got the Big Book and such -- yet why the fuck am I still drinking? I guess part of me is still in denial about the whole thing. (change my name to Cleopatra, Queen of De Nile - denial) That must be it, I've even acknowledged that I'm an alcoholic. Two weeks from tonight is the Elton John concert in Reading. If I'm still doing this stupid shit by then, the day after the show I'll check myself into rehab. OK, more later as I'm tired and drunk. TTFN.


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